LSTA Direct Grants to Libraries

Massachusetts uses LSTA funding to provide libraries with direct grants to meet the needs of their community. There was two LSTA direct grant awarded in the Seventh Congressional District in 2022 totaling $20,000.

Below are examples of direct grant funded projects in the Seventh Congressional District:

  • Turner Free Library (Randolph) $10,000

    Randolph residents experience high rates of food insecurity and face considerable barriers to accessing convenient, affordable, healthy, and culturally preferred food. The Reimagining Culinary Literacy in Randolph project will offer the Randolph community increased access to information about local resources as well as workshops and events that center the cultural heritage foodways representative of Randolph’s diverse, international community. Turner Free Library will work with community partners to promote community-wide connections through culinary literacy that honors traditional cultural foods and traditional knowledge systems.

  • Milton Public Library $10,000

    Milton, Massachusetts is a direct Boston suburb in the Blue Hills Reservation, and home to a diverse population of residents who share a common interest: the outdoors. Miltonians enjoy outdoor exercise, caring for and sustaining their land, and beautifying their landscape – but not all of them have the expertise or resources to do it. Through Milton Grows, the Milton Public Library will create a permanent teaching garden and will “grow” its outdoor space, programming, and collections. Supported by community partners, this project will allow the Library to support its residents who wish to bolster their knowledge of gardening and sustainability, while helping them make connections with new friends and organizations.